Why Are You So Negative?

Why Are You So Negative?
Ever said that to yourself?

Everywhere you look there are articles, videos, and advertisements stating the need to shut off our negative thoughts and be more positive.  While I am all about viewing life from the perspective of “what you can do” versus “what you can’t do,”  I also understand that turning off negative thoughts is not a light switch that can be turned off with enough willpower!

Did you know that?

  • Inside the multiple layers of your brain, deep within, is an electrical system so alive that with every thought you are firing and wiring synaptic connections.
  • Every time you learn something new you make a new connection in your brain.
  • Your mind and body are connected by chemical releases we like to call “feelings” or “emotions.
  • Most of our actions are taken in order to emotionally feel the same way we did yesterday.

So why can’t you just stop being negative?


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