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Human Beings are wired for connection, you will learn how to tap into that.

Through our work together you will create movement with awareness, information, understanding and knowledge.

You will tap into your habitual patterns, release them and create new behaviors to make decisions and express behavior from a solid foundation.

You will take back control of your behavior, habits and thoughts to think clearly, increasing your level of connection to yourself and those around you.

Conflict will naturally diminish, struggle will change to ease, self-worth automatically increases, productivity will skyrocket and your effectiveness will rise to new levels.

Meet Jenna

For women who are forward thinking and committed to creating the life they want!
Release the old and embrace the new!

You will connect to who you truly are, automatically making stronger contributions in everything you do. Your positive impact will increase naturally and you will finally be the leader of your life.

You will open up opportunities that surround you

You will create deep connected relationships to those around you

You will know who you are and create your life accordingly

Diving deeply into the current patterns, habits and beliefs that hold you back from the life you want.

  • We will make shifts in not only how you currently see your world and how your world sees you but also in how you interact with your world and everyone involved in it.
  • You will learn to create ease, grace, impact and influence with less effort than you are currently using.
  • You will impact your current relationships to make a higher level of contribution in everything you do.

You will lead your life from a deep sense of knowing which enables grounding, strength and courage.

You will develop your plan based on the foundation of who you are and how you naturally contribute to everything.

  • You will create a life to be proud of the impact you have made on the individuals within your reach.
  • You will reconnect with personal priorities and become accountable to those priorities.

What will our time together look like?

  • Choose either one-on-one mentorship/in person courses/retreats or online courses
  • One-on-one will meet via the telephone or video conferencing.
  • Jenna will either work on her own with you or in tandem with a co-facilitator
  • Our conversation will be direct and to the point.
  • There will be a high level of accountability for all parties involved

Some of my methods are as follows:

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  • 1

    Genevieve, Canada

    Jenna, what an amazing and life changing course.

  • 2

    Jacqueline, Canada

    Jenna Forster... thanks for offering this course. As a currant participant, I'm appreciating the opportunity to get curious about myself and how I relate to others. There is a great balance between digging deeper into our own personal stories and learning the science behind our decision making/ relational living processes.
    More great tools for my tool box.

  • 3

    Ruth, Canada

    Jenna focuses on how she can help you create your best; to do that she will be curious and respectfully challenge you. Your time with Jenna will be focused and productive and it will result in new thought processes that you would not achieve on your own. She is always respectful of your time, well organized and has given considerable forth thought to how you can reach your highest potential. Confidentiality, competence, intuition, intelligence and trust are a must when you choose a coach and I highly recommend Jenna on all aspects. You will look forward to your sessions because you will be pushed to your highest level. If you want real results, choose Jenna.

  • 4

    Karen, Colorado,USA

    Jenna coached me in a critical time in both my personal and professional lives. She helped me take the steps to not only identify my potential, but also identify and overcome the obstacles preventing me from finding my sense of purpose. Jenna’s years of coaching expertise are not the only reason that she has been so fundamental in this process. It is only when combining her experience with her unconditional acceptance, holistic approach, and commitment to meet me where I am at in my life that I was truly able to grow. Each week she challenged me to think bigger, she asked tough questions that made me dig deeper, and she held me accountable in setting goals for myself. The result was deeper level thoughts and actions all focused toward my greater purpose. She was my partner in my journey of self-discovery. Her encouragement, skillful questions, and genuine spirit kept me firm in my pursuit of purpose and deliberate choices. She helped me move forward toward my vision. I found our weekly cadence to be important in establishing a cycle of accountability. She held me accountable with my time, energy, and choices so that I could remain aligned with my larger vision and purpose. As a result of coaching with Jenna, I found my sense of purpose. I now understand the power of my journey and how it can help serve others. My self-confidence and positive energy have soared, and I am now succeeding in areas that I never dreamed.
    Coaching with Jenna changed my life. Thank you Jenna!

  • 5

    Laura, Canada

    Jenna is a leader who models sharing, cooperation, consideration, and inclusion. Being of service to others comes naturally to Jenna and she easily creates an environment where people feel valued and important. Jenna is open to new ideas, creativity and conversation while able to maintain focus and momentum. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jenna because she has such a high degree of integrity and she's fun! I give Jenna a super-high endorsement and would encourage you to include Jenna in your professional world - she will be a wonderful addition.

Jenna Forster, Behavioral Leadership Expert

Jenna Forster is the founder of Women That Lead, an organization designed to mentor women into achieving some really groovy things.

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