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The Science Behind It!

What ever it is you are trying to “handle” right now, whether it is over-scheduling, emotional outbursts, addiction, fear, stress, apathy, overwhelm, those are all signs of deep disconnection. As human beings we are driven to connect, real connection, not the surface level we all live in within society. Let us help you develop the understanding, knowledge and know how to create that level of connection to both yourself and others. We can help.

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The use of Leadership Coaching, Brain Science and Physiology to understand your behaviors and create new experiences. Human Beings are wired for connection, you will learn how to tap into that.

Through our work together you will create movement with awareness, information, understanding and knowledge. You will tap into your habitual patterns, release them and create new behaviors to make decisions and express behavior from a solid foundation.

You will take back control of your behavior, habits and thoughts to think clearly, increasing your level of connection to yourself and those around you. Conflict will naturally diminish, struggle will change to ease, self-worth automatically increases, productivity will skyrocket and your effectiveness will rise to new levels.

Leadership Coaching

Direct one on one Leadership Coaching for women who are forward thinking and are committed to creating the life they want!
Release the old and embrace the new! Through direct and highly focused leadership coaching you will make the shifts that move you to the next level of success.

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You will connect to who you truly are, automatically making stronger contributions in everything you do. Your positive impact will increase naturally and you will finally be the leader of your life.

Our work together will consist of one on one leadership coaching with weekly 30 minute phone or Skype sessions. Our conversation will be direct and to the point as we create the changes you are looking for.


Podcast to propel you forward

Recorded conversations that inspire women to lead with alignment, passion and purpose. Stretch yourself to a new level as you Learn, Grow and Expand.

Jenna speaks to experts in the Personal Development field to increase your level of engagement and contribution in everything you do!